Usual suspects around Seattle unusually rich, as usual

Forbes logoForbes is out today with with its new semi-annual list of billionaires. The March list consists of billionaires around the world–all 1,645 of them this time around–while the September list is just the richest 400 billionaires in the U.S. Yes, it’s been possible for a few years to be a American billionaire but not on the U.S.-only list. As it happens, one even lives in Seattle.

Quickly scanning the new list, it appears that Western Washington in general has the same 10 swells that it had six months ago. You’ll undoubtedly be happy to know that none is poorer than last year, although for a few, their increase in net worth hasn’t kept up with stock market performance.

Here’s the rundown:

Bill Gates, age 58, No. 1 in the entire world (back on top for the first time in four years). $76 billion, up from $72 billion last fall.

Jeff Bezos, age 50, No. 18. $32 billion, up a robust 18% from six months ago.

Steve Ballmer, age 57, No. 36 (tied with one other). $19.3 billion, up from $18 billion.

Paul Allen, age 61, No. 56. $15.9 billion, up just $100 million despite his team’s winning of the Super Bowl.

James Jannard,  age 64. No. 520 (tied with 30 others). $3.1 billion, up $100 million. He made his fortune with Oakley sunglasses and lives in the San Juan Islands.

Howard Schultz, age 60. No. 828 (tied with 39 others). $2.1 billion, a $100 million increase over last year.

Craig McCaw, age 64. No. 988  (tied with 47 others). $1.8 billion, unchanged.

Anne Gittinger, age 78. No. 1270 (tied with 13 others). $1.35 billion, up $50 million. Younger sibling of Bruce Nordstrom.

Bruce Nordstrom, age 80. No 1284 (tied with 72  others). $1.3 billion, unchanged. Older sibling of Anne Gittinger.

Gabe Newell, age 51. No. 1372 (tied with 69  others). $1.2 billion, up $100 million from last year. Video game developer. He was one of those unfortunately “poor” billionaires who made last March’s world-wide list but missed the cut-off on for last fall’s U.S.-only list. Even for those not New To Seattle, life can be so unfair.

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