World headline writers gun for Seattle’s Starbucks

Starbucks logo“Decaff grande latte, half-fat, no whip, extra-hot, extra shot … and lose the gun.” That was the headline in the London Independent over Starbucks Coffee Co.’s pretty-please announcement that such weapons were disfavored–but not banned–at the ubiquitous coffee shop chain outlets in the U.S.

Newspapers may be dying, but they still employ headline writers who jump at the chance to display their ability to pun, juxtapose and otherwise make readers giggle at their work. This tendency has been on full display over the past day since Starbucks billionaire CEO Howard Schultz waded into the U.S. gun debate with his pronouncement about the inappropriateness of guns in his establishments.

Many of the punchier headlines were generated abroad. At first blush this might appear surprising, since most other countries have strict gun-control laws to start with. But in my New To Seattle view this reflects continuing world fascination with America’s gun culture.  And also, perhaps, with the mystique of Starbucks’ hometown of Seattle, which remains an contradictory mix of progressive and libertarian beliefs.

Anyway, here are some other headlines that caught my eye:

–“Coffee giant to put lid on guns”  (Cairns Post, Australia)

–“Guns ‘n’ lattes at Starbucks”   (Globe and Mail, Toronto)

–“If you want a latte, please leave your gun at home” (Metro UK, Scotland)

–“Only a shot of caffeine” (MX Australia, Melbourne)

–“Welcome to Starbucks, check your gun at the door” (New Zealand Herald, Auckland)

–“Guns, coffee don’t mix, Starbucks tells customers” (Orlando Sentinel)

–“Starbucks tells customers no guns (please)” (USA Today)

–“One shot or two?” (Daily Mail, London)

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